Drawn Home

Drawn Home was written by Jonathan, in collaboration with Art Society (the music group he co-founded) during 2008 in Boone, NC. Most of the Art Society’s members (Justina Brinkley, Brandon Crockett, Becca Mintz, Jared Sapp, Jessie Stafford and Jon) were students at Appalachian State University at the time. When we were grieving together after Jon’s death, we remembered having several Art Society recordings, and began listening together. As the remarkable, poetic lyrics of Drawn Home progressed and concluded, we were amazed and weeping. It seemed that Jonathan was foretelling the tragedy in the Charles River, but also prophesying his beautiful, eternal redemption from this world.
The video was produced by our friend Nathaniel Calnin, and was the finale presentation at Jonathan’s memorial service.

Drawn Home from Bruce Dailey on Vimeo.

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7 thoughts on “Drawn Home

  1. To my grandson Jonathan: I loved you yesterday, tomorrow which is today and forever. You are in heaven and we will be together again. And you will play for me as we have that bargain. All who have passed are blessed to be with you as we all will be together for all time. You are sharing our happy times as we have done so often, knowing that is what you want us to do. I love your smile and love the time we had here on earth. We will be together for all time, in the Lords timing. I miss you and love you, Grandmother

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  3. It is a beautiful song. It was good to see all the pictures and videos of Jonathan – thank you for sharing. The Light of the Lord shine on Jonathan!

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