Jon’s friends

Thoughts and memories about Jonathan:

Jon, our friendship will go down in the history books as the greatest ever! I will always love you! Your brother,
- Jake Polly

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was nearly living at your house hanging out with Jonathan. So many good memories I could tell in detail about him and how he was a big contributor in making me who I am today. He was so mature, and a natural leader for me, always steering me away from the bad and towards the good. So intelligent. I loved him to the same degree that I love my only sibling Robert.
- Jarrett Johnson

- Brandon

Jon was my Peter Pan, making me braver, helping me fly.
- Jessie Stafford (of Art Society fame)

Jonathan gave me an example of someone who could be himself, live with higher standards, pursue success and still connect with people whose vision or standards were not as high as his own. Since he was four years older than me, he gave me an example I could follow – along that same path. It has made my life and journey much easier.
- JT

…we played in the orchestra at App State together for several semesters. He was always so quiet and thoughtful, sitting towards the back of the violin section…he was a kind and loving person who loved music and wanted to make a difference with his life and his music. My thoughts and prayers are with all who knew and loved him.
- Rachael

When I was eight, a young boy walked into my family’s home on Kirkpatrick Road. His hair was curly like mine, and he wore a red zipped-up wind breaker on top of an over sized t-shirt. He was smiling. My older sister explained to me that he had come over to play. He and I watched “The Iron Giant.” We laughed and sat dazzled by the metallic giant that befriended a lonely child. When the movie was over, his older sister came to fetch him. I remember after he left thinking about how unexpected his visit was, how he almost “appeared” in my young eight-year-old perspective.
He, Jonathan Dailey, became a dear friend throughout my life. He endured two proms with me, he gave me advice, he rolled his eyes at me, he painted with me, he made me go camping, he cooked food with me, he played in a band with me, he challenged me to sing what I really wanted to sing. The likelihood of me becoming a professional singer is low, but the likelihood of me needing to take risks and believe in my life is high. Jon helped me find a part of myself that I may have never found. The Jesus inside of Jonathan Dailey changed me, and tamed a part of my heart that cannot be replaced. One day, when I am an old woman, I will die, and I will see him again, and he will tell me of all the things he’s done and seen, and I will tell him of the family I built and loved, and we will laugh and sit dazzled by the goodness of God.
- Justina Brinkley (also in Art Society)

Tribute to my friend Jonathan Dailey! He loved Vanilla Coke and we used to drink it all the time as kids so here’s to you buddy! I poured a sip out for you! Love and miss you forever!
- Jake Polly, February 2014

Those who we love that have gone before us are always looking down upon us. So JMD I know you can see me writing this. I love you very much. The times we shared and the things we talked about are constantly in my head. You speak to me in my dreams and I carry you with me in my everyday life.
- Jake Polly, February 2014

One thought on “Jon’s friends

  1. This week I feel that this song is my anthem (See You Again [feat. Charlie Puth] by Wiz Khalifa). Three years ago this week my dearest childhood friend Jonathan Dailey passed away. It felt like an entire lifetime that we spent playing together in our back yards. For 12 years straight Jon and I were practically at each others house every day. I am thankful for what we had. I am thankful that I am left with so many wonderful memories. It’s been a long day without you my friend and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.
    - Jake Polly, October 3rd, 2015

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