The site is dedicated to Jonathan Matthew Dailey,
Born July 8th, 1989 – Died October 2012.
This site will be a continuous work – see the Photo Gallery and any recent posts.

Words from Jon’s portfolio/resume:
I grew up in Charlotte, NC in a nice family. I was inspired when I was little to pursue architecture by a scout leader who was also an architect. I studied music performance, enrolled in an arts high school for the violin. I then attended Appalachian State University’s Building Science college where I majored in Architectural Technology and Design and minored in Community & Regional Planning and Music (again with the violin). Beyond being involved with architectural clubs and extracurricular activities, I played in the school orchestra and several bands where I song wrote and sang and all that.
…from an ASU essay:
I remember every detail of the house I grew up in. I can recall every corner, floor material, wall material; every room. I think it’s because my brother and I explored it as much as it could possibly be explored. I literally could go through every single room and give the exact layout…
[we lived in that house until Jon was 15]

Some of Jon’sĀ favorite activities and achievements:
beloved son, brother, uncle, grandson, nephew, cousin
hanging out and traveling with family, playing with his nephews
faithful, quiet, loyal friend
one post-graduate year at Boston Architectural College
graduate of Appalachian State University
Eagle Scout
YMCA Camp Thunderbird Counselor / certified Lifeguard
Leader of Morningstar campus ministry at ASU
songwriting, playing violin, guitar, piano and singing
music performances with various school orchestras, Art Society, Wooden Ships, Fishmilk, gigs with dad and other family members
camping, hiking, water skiing, snow skiing, motorcycling, photography, drawing

3 thoughts on “welcome

  1. To Bruce & Donna, and all of The Dailey Family: My thoughts and prayers from Atlanta are towards you, I send the ministering Angels & Love of God to comfort you at this time. I am a friend of Chris & Lanor, and with that connection I feel the blow this unexpected separation your family is experiencing. One thing I know is that in all we may face in this life, God is Good Every Day! I trust you will find comfort in his Awesomeness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=LonOTKVmkeo

  2. My heart and prayers are with you today; I felt moved by the Holy Spirit to pray more for you all tonight and then realized today had been the service for Jon once I was online and read about it. The photos are beautiful and really show the loving, sweet family you all are. God bless each one of you. Heaven’s gain was a special young man; you will see him again and be reunited in UNENDING joy one day. I feel so badly for your pain today, and I know that God cherishes you so dearly He will always be there for you– in the grief of this moment and the joys of times to come. The rest of us can cry with you and pray for you, but He knows this intimately in a way no one else could understand. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He loves Jon and each of you dearly, and His “gladness” (that’s the term that really comes to mind) in Jon and you is forever, never ending, always…..

  3. I have read the comments on my namesake. They are heart-wrenching. I was an Eagle Scout. I joined the United States Marine Corps after college and served as an appretince to a Judge Advocate. After 23 years of practicing law, I am moving on to new adventures, but when I read Jonathan’s bio, I think about all the new adventures he had in store for him, in life, love and loss. It weighs heavily and I will admit candidly, because he is my namesake. I hope and wish that all is well for him now, that place being a place of peace. Jonathan Dailey

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